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FAQs General Questions

    How many Runways does French Valley Airport have?

    French Valley Airport has one runway, RWY 18/36 which is 6,000 ft. long, 75 ft. wide.

    How many FBO's are there?


    • Jet Center (951) 200-1706
    • French Valley Hangar Self-Serve (951) 801-1603

    Where can I get fuel at French Valley Airport?

    You can get fuel (JetA & AVGAS) through our FBO’s. Please contact them for current fuel pricing and operation hours.

    What are your hangar fees and dimensions?

    Effective July 1st, 2022

    • a. $523/month (Basic 41 ft x 33 ft)
    • b. $612/month (Basic with additional storage)

    What are your tie-down fees?

    Effective July 1st, 2022

    • a. Standard $66/month
    • b. Pull Through $84/month
    • c. Twin $99/month
    • d. Helicopters $99/month

    What is the Cafe phone number?

    French Valley Cafe (951) 600-7396

    Do you have Transient Parking?

    Yes. Effective July 01, 2022:

    1. Standard & Pull Through $7/day
    2. Twin & Helicopters $10/day

    What is the Flight School's phone number?

    EFI Flight School (951) 304-9639
    Flight Ventures Aviation Academy (833) 484-3759
    Laminar Training Solutions - (951) 324-5230
    cruiseAIR - (866) 359-2789

    How do I rent a car?

    Please contact the FBO to make arrangements.

    The Jet Center - (951) 200-1706