Security Fencing and Gate Upgrade
Approved $1.5 Million grant offered by the FAA to install security gates and fencing around the perimeter of the airport to meet current FAA security standards. All vehicle and pedestrian access gates will be upgraded and managed by the airport management office. Project is expected to be completed by September 2010.

Closing of Temporary Road
Borel Road is an open road that the public utilizes to cut through airport property. The FAA has ordered that this route be closed to the public in order to maintain airside safety. Project is expected to be completed by late 2010.

Vehicle Parking Lot
In 2009, The French Valley Airport upgraded their dirt parking lot to a paved lot that is ADA compliant, includes 90 parking spaces, direct access to the terminal, flight line and café.

Aircraft Parking Apron
In 2009, the aircraft parking apron was repaired and rehabilitated with a rejuvenation slurry seal. This project has resulted in safer and more efficient operations at the airport.

Airport Beacons
French Valley Airport will begin upgrading the lighted beacon. The result of this project will enhance visibility of the airport to in-coming pilots.